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Showing Council Meeting 16th September 2020

    16 Sep 2020   

The Showing Council held its latest scheduled meeting of Council Members by Zoom on Wednesday 16th September; please see below for the major points discussed:

  1. United Dope Testing Platform (BEFAR): The initial meeting with British Equestrian (formerly the BEF) has taken place and dates are now in the diary for the Working Group to meet with BE to move forward to the next stage; the aim is to install a united dope testing platform ready for 2021, by becoming part of BEFAR; we remain hopeful. Fifteen Members Bodies are currently on board with the process; the The BSHA has opted out at the first stage but talks continue and the door will always be open.
  2. Operational Plan/Blueprint for Showing: This has been extremely well received by the showing community at large and requests for a copy have been received from as far away as Australia. Showing events running in the UK must work to this operational plan as it is the only recognised document by BE and Sport England; Show Secretaires requiring a copy, can apply to info@theshowingcouncil.co.uk 
  3. Central Accident Insurance for Judges: Exploratory work is on-going and initial findings are very positive, demonstrating there is some feasibility in obtaining increased cover for Judges, whilst making significant savings for the Associations/Societies in premium costs. More information is required but work continues.
  4. Ethics and Behaviours in Showing: A competitor approached The Showing Council recently and asked if they could work with us to develop Ethics and Behaviours Policies and to seek to support work with advances in Welfare and Social Licensing. The Showing Council has agreed to look at progressing these areas and looks forward to updating further in due course. It was also agreed to seek to formalise a welfare role as part of the work.
  5. Veterinary Representation: It was agreed to seek a suitable person to fill a more formal role to provide improved veterinarian information and support.

The Showing Council - much more than just a talking shop, helping showing to move forward at all times.






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