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Showing Council meets to discuss a united way forward

    11 Jun 2020   

An additional meeting was held last night, at the request of some of the Member Bodies. The objective of this meeting was to allow Societies and Associations to get together and specifically discuss the creating a possible “operational blueprint” of how any kind of shows and events could take place, should they be allowed to, in the coming weeks or months, meeting all Government Guidelines.

It was a very positive and helpful start to what could be a really supportive process and The Showing Council will continue to be there to help and assist these organisations in any way it can.

The next steps are for those present to go back to their respective Boards and Councils and seek support to take this initiative forward. Some have already made that decision to work together on this area; we remain hopeful it will be supported widely.

It was recognised openly that a united approach to this challenge was important and that the competitor/ owner / producer / exhibitor / show secretary etc. should know what to expect if shows did go ahead at all. It was the intention a Working Group would form on the back of this meeting to begin to share information and develop a “blueprint”.






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