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Statement regarding The Showing Council's progress re updating of Blueprint

    5 Mar 2021   

The Showing Council has welcomed the government's recent announcement on its “road-map” out of lockdown and we continue to work with the rest of equestrian sport, through British Equestrian, with the aim of firstly, returning safely to competition and secondly, welcoming spectators safely back to Showing as and when it is possible.

We will continue to plan based on the aspiration of staging the best possible competition with the health and safety of all participants, staff and competitors remaining the highest priority. We remain focused on developing the Blueprint with the scenarios of full and reduced classes, as well as some or no public capacity; this is so we can remain as agile and flexible as possible to the government guidance and the public health situation.

We urge you all to be patient whilst we assess the changing guidelines and seek clarification on fundamental matters such as class participant numbers and the return of ride judges. Please rest assured that we are working in an expedient fashion to allow affiliated showing to return at the earliest possible date, but it is essential that Government advice is followed.

The Showing Council Blueprint is a document offering helpful guidance for the staging of equestrian Showing classes, and is now being reviewed with clarification on the specific role out of the changes, in line with the “road-map”, being sought. As soon as this is complete it will be available via The Showing Council website – if you have not registered to receive the revised version, as soon as it is agreed and released, then you are welcome to do so by emailing info@theshowingcouncil.co.uk stating the name of your event/show and requesting to be added to the circulation list.






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