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Recognising and representing UK Showing

United Saddlebred Association UK Ltd (USA-UK)

    10 Oct 2014   

The United Saddlebred Association UK Ltd (USA-UK) aims to promote the breeding, exhibition, use and improvement of the American Saddlebred Horse with enthusiasm and integrity.

This includes but is not limited to:

Maintaining accurate breed records and ownership details of the American Saddlebred and partbreds in the United Kingdom & Europe, ensuring the purity of the breed in respect of purebreds;

Encouraging the showing and breeding of the American Saddlebred and partbreds, and their use in all equine sports, thus promoting the capabilities and versatility of the breed;

Providing regular and current information and news about the breed and linked items of interest to USA-UK members and others;

Democratically electing members of USA-UK to the committee annually, to govern the running of the organisation for members, by means of a fair constitution;

Providing services for all members, but especially the youg, which enhance and encourage appreciation and/or ownership of the breed;

Actively promoting the welfare of all equines;


Dorothy Hasty                                                    Lynn Jarvis

Tel: 07845 774735                                             Tel: 07941 812212

Email: dorothy.hasty@sky.com                       Email: lynnusauk@aol.com

Web: www.american-saddlebred.co.uk

United Saddlebred Association Representatives

Ms Dorothy Hasty & Ms Rosemary Jinks




Member Bodies

  • American Quarter Horse Association – United Kingdom (AQHA.UK Ltd.)
  • British Miniature Horse Society (BMHS)
  • British Show Horse Association (BSHA)
  • British Show Pony Society (BSPS)
  • British Skewbald and Piebald Association (BSPA)
  • Coloured Horse and Pony Society (CHAPS)
  • Donkey Breed Society
  • Icelandic Horse Society of Great Britain (IHSGB)
  • Irish Draught Horse Society
  • National Pony Society (NPS)
  • Northern Counties Ponies Association (NCPA)
  • Ponies (UK) Association
  • Side Saddle Association (SSA)
  • Sport Horse Breeding of Great Britain (SHB(GB))
  • United Saddlebred Association UK Ltd (USA-UK)


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