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The Showing Council

c/o Stretcholt Equestrian Centre
United Kingdom

telephone: 01278 683 312
email: enquiries@theshowingcouncil.co.uk



Recognising and representing UK Showing

British Grooms Association

The BGA supports members throughout their career as a groom, providing dedicated advice and education to all working in the industry. Members can access a range of tangible benefits and services that can help support  their career as a professional groom.

Employers can access the Employers Zone, an easy to use problem solver that can be used to gain information about how to employ staff in the equestrian industry, or as a quick reference guide in specific situations. 

It addresses the questions that every employer needs to deal with, from recruiting to discipline and termination, employment facts, sickness and employee relations and includes a free contract of employment template.

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  The Showing Council

c/o Stretcholt Equestrian Centre
Stretcholt, Bridgewater, Somerset,
TA6 4SR, United Kingdom

tel: 01278 683 312
hrs: 9:00 - 17:00

eml: enquiries@theshowingcouncil.co.uk

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