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Recognising and representing UK Showing

The Showing Council’s agreed training provider is Haddon Training.

Haddon Training Ltd is a high quality, dynamic work-based training organisation with an outstanding reputation throughout the Equine industry.  Established 15 years ago by the owner and Managing Director, Chris Hewlett, it has retained its unique identity as a specialist land-based training provider. 

Their expertise in providing excellent training was recognised by Ofsted in July 2011, when they were awarded Grade One "Outstanding". 

They are currently the approved apprenticeship provider for all three Disciplines of the British Equestrian Federation and deliver the Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence for British Showjumping. They have a long-established partnership with The King's Troop RHA, delivering apprenticeships for Horse Gunners in Woolwich, London.


Apprenticeships - Government Funded Education Programmes

Haddon Training deliver 100% work-based Horse Care Apprenticeships across England and Wales. There are three pathways which can be followed depending on the type of yard the apprentice is employed: Horse Care, Riding or Breeding.

There are two levels of apprenticeship, depending on how much experience you already have:

  1. Horse Care Level 2 is suited for people who are new to working with horses on a commercial yard, programme duration is 12 months
  2. Horse Care and Management Level 3 is suited for people in a senior position with experience working with horses commercially, programme duration is 15 months

The apprenticeship will provide a structure for learning and give objective assessments of an individual’s practical skills and knowledge, compared against national benchmarks and standards.

The apprenticeship is made up of a 'framework' which incorporates a work-based Diploma together with a Technical Certificate, Employment Rights & Responsibilities (ERR), Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS) and Functional Skills in Maths and English (unless you have achieved GCSE Maths and English at Grade C or above).

Once a month a Haddon Training Assessor-Trainer will visit the apprentice in the work-place to assess and help them through their programme. Haddon Training pride themselves in employing very experienced and vocationally qualified Assessor-Trainers to ensure every learner has a quality learning experience.


For the Apprentice:

An Apprentice will gain training on the job from their employer, earn a wage and work towards a nationally recognised qualification! The Apprentice will gain skills that will develop their confidence, competence and commercial speed, the mix that all employers are looking for.

The apprenticeships are fully Government funded for 16-23 year olds who meet the eligibility criteria of:

  • Must be an EU resident for minimum of 3 years
  • Not to have achieved a Foundation or Degree, qualification of Level 4 or higher
  • Not in full time Education; School, College, University or another Apprenticeship programme
  • Must not have completed a Level 3 Equine course at College

The optional units of the Diploma can be tailored to the type of yard you are employed on; here is an example of the optional units:

  • Plait and trim horses’ manes and tails (Level 2)
  • Assist with the day to day care of performance horses (Level 2)
  • Prepare horses for a public appearance (Level 2)
  • Tack up horses for specialist work (Level 3)
  • Exercise and improve the performance of horses using lunging or long reining (Level 3)
  • Ride schooled horses to maintain training (Level 3)


For the Employer:

Work-based Apprenticeships are a great way to train your staff to your standards! Depending on which region you are based in, when you take on a new apprentice you could be eligible to apply for Government AGE Grant of up to £2,000 to help you employ them.

Apprenticeships are a responsible and legal approach to employing unskilled staff, especially for school levers aged 16-18 years old.

Horse Care Apprenticeships are also available for your existing staff if they are aged between 16-23 years old. This is great for structuring their training and keeping them motivated in the work-place. Existing staff must be kept on the same wage and employers are not entitled to the AGE Grant.

The legal requirements for an Apprentice:

  • Employed (PAYE) by the employer (not self-employed)
  • Paid a minimum of the National Apprentice Minimum wage of £3.40 per hour
  • Employment contract – to include; Holiday pay, wage, etc
  • Working at least 30 hours per week, maximum of 48 for 18 and older apprentices
  • 16/17 year olds not working more than 40 hours over a 5 day week (8 working hours per day)
  • 16/17 year olds can’t be left in sole charge of a yard, there must be another member of staff on the grounds

Why work with Haddon Training?

Our current employers rated us on the FE Choices Survey (2015/2016) on the below aspects of our Apprenticeship delivery:

  • 95% recognised professionalism in our approach to training and delivery
  • 95% felt that our delivery reflected up to date industry practices
  • 93% felt that delivery was flexible and met their needs
  • 92% felt we understood their training needs
  • 90% felt they were clearly communicated with throughout

If you would prefer to have a telephone conversation about how Apprenticeships could help you, please call our experienced Business Development Team on 01672 519977.

If you would like to recruit for an Apprentice, please complete an Apprenticeship vacancy form below and return to us to advertise. You can take advantage of our FREE in-house recruitment service!

For the Employer:                            For the Apprentice:

Apprentice Job Vacancy Form                                  Current Apprenticeship Vacancies

There is one thing worse than no staff..... and that is badly trained staff.

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